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Silence the time; I want to see the devil in a pantomime.
Is it faith for what we strive? Happiness in death but we're still alive.
One man dreams over a world of lies
Says "I could be an alien if I could just forget about life."
It's a choice of poison, or a time bomb we all share.
Ladders for girls and boys, now it's not polite to stare.

You're not special, especially if you're me.
Don't think you're different, difference is only found in tragedy.
I remember your smile, laughing like you believed.
I remember my youth, and the sweet sound of laughter in my dreams.

It's a cruel world, you said, "that's something everybody knows."
Got to deal with it, but does everyone sell their soul?
The past is the future, waiting in vain.
I remember you standing there, like an angel in the rain.
Pictures of words, I wanted to say.
Memories are forever, while fantasies are meant to fade.

We can live in the clouds, while the years clarify our perceptions.
We can come back down, and try to justify our intentions.
It's later than God, and peace is no more than a handshake.
It's amazing how we lie,
Outside these walls of faith.

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