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This City I Love

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I can smell the BBQ blazing in this city I love
Another sign of the warmer minds to come.

The blurry city sounds fuel my wonderment.
Does arrogant pride complicate free will?
Bodies in collages abstract the soul.
One in the crowd is passion the other regret.
Trivial pursuits help in understanding the clouds.
Success makes sense as we strive to define.
Comfortable poses from the book of life.
Holier waters can show you how to swim.

Sanctify your redemption under his eye.
While structured paths keep the destination clear.
See to believe, as stories help make sense.
Gifts from the unknown need instructions to work,
While corrupted nature leaves evolution to blame.
The beginning was pure, and the reasons are just guesses.
Questioning alone is enough to prove existence.
Some need buildings for their hearts to embrace his peace.

No matter the color, or location, the plan is the same.
It's just the corruption of intent that poisons the good.
Roads, oceans, and rivers carry different vessels to the same home.
Wet and dry are the same when you look beneath.
Ideological wars jade the point, holier than thou in this earthly life.
So call it red, when I see it blue.
Argue supremacy if that makes it better for you.
Color is all I need for truth.

I can smell the BBQ blazing in this city I love,
Another sign of the warmer minds to come. 

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