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It's raining I said. Good Friday must have passed.
The drops hit my skin and help me feel like I am changing inside.
Maybe it's the wine but I've been here before.
Blur another chance; maybe the cat remembers last night.

I believe in Easter. It's time to rise again.
Give me that story and I will bleed until the end.

Trains used to rumble; into the background they now blend.
I think it is going to rain, filling glasses to different levels.
Drink my loneliness to fill your soul. April tears.
I am here when nature calls. Biological essence.

Simple ally's never lead to real roads.
Marry like an addiction for the world is owed.

Run into lakes, never knowing where the rivers go.
Drown while singing about faith. Dream of islands while falling from grace.
It's funny. Smile like a fairytale and enchant your supremacy.
Love smells like this air. Breath a human lie and fall from your divinity.

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