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Rosaline George
06/28/2017 00:08:12
01/10/2018 17:30:36
11/14/2017 13:39:59
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Rosaline George
Rosaline George
Greensboro, NC
I published a book of poetry in 2006 titled, Afterthoughts of a few Short Twenty-Two Years, through PublishAmerica, now called America Star Books. I have been studying and gradually working to improve my writing ever since. My contract expired in 2012, but oddly enough, my book can still be seen on Amazon. But according to the publisher, it can no longer be sold, despite the fact that it still shows up on different websites. Some time after I signed with them, I had a literary agent tell me that they are a very famous vanity publisher and also I found out that POD (print on demand) publishers are to be avoided. But nonetheless, I am thankful to have been published and it taught me many lessons about the world of writing that I should have researched beforehand. I was young and got excited at the first offer. Here is a link to the amazon page:

All of my writing I have posted on this website is not from my book. I am also a screenwriting enthusiast. I am glad to be a part of this talented community!


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