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john boy

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old john boy down the road there, he was standing side of the street waiting for something i forget what but he was waiting fast as a hare. the rain was tipping it down all around him, didnt seem to get wet until the two cars ame by and one lost the bet and had to go behind in single file fashion.

In Fear

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A story/prose based on the lyric 'In Your Care' by Tasmin Archer.


In Fear.

Just when you thought you had it all figured out...

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It's easy to get lost. A mind looses direction as it winds in and out of the dusty path of life.

A destination once thought definite becomes a slime of expectations dripping through a thin grate in time.

FUCK THIS!!! Fuck it all...

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I fucking hate this! The trepidation of where I will keep my family safe is not worth it. My husband, my daughter, my family… better off without me. Honestly. Money will come and I will be forgotten.

Me te aroha nui (Retort)

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Me te aroha nui (with all my love)

I rise from your stillness

Spouting tornados of torrential words

Wet words that swirl around your quiet

Stirring the spring rain waters