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The Battle

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Anyone can make love complicated, that’s easy.  As everyone who’s been around love knows knows a romantic kiss can out burn and outlast a lifetime of monotone sex.  And although its true nobody ever really wants to break a heart or have their heart broken, yet here we lay slain and all alone in this goddam Garden of Eden wondering where all of life’s shit seems to come from.  It appears the only way we can be true to ourselves and still be happy is to lie to everyone else.

missing link

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missing link is missing still, shes somewhere in europe i assume, sleeping alone while im stuck here glayed eyes and full of mind fuck zones. will she be the bride who will be her groom. tricks with plectrums and words, guitar picks strumming till love is the word i heard.  fractured fingers and crooked out neck, benign work loads that stress out the mind boggled by this girl that im wanting and trzing to impress. i love her look especiallz in that red dress.

The Running of Words

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It’s time for the running of the words again

It’s Encierro, Pamplona northeast of Madrid

The ancient ones make a run

But usually it’s the kids

Running round old bulls in the pack

Arthritis usually found in back

But it’s not a total loss when passed

We see the running of their ass

Acidic Rain

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Acidic rain fell again today on everyone but me and a few thousand, why am I so alone and free and so very damned happy? Why does everyone else have these falling faces like closed down small town businesses?

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A story based on the lyric 'Sugar Mice' by Marillion.


Date: Sunday 18th September 2011.
Place: The Holiday Inn, Milwaukee.
Time: 10:34 am

Derek sat there in a chair that had become his own, in a rented room that he now called home, the third cigarette of the day steadily burning away in his hand that caressed his second glass of Rehorst.

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