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          Honolulu literally translates from Hawaiian to English to mean sheltered bay. Located on the South side of the Island of cialis online softtabs Oahu, Honolulu first became a town when King Kamehameha I conquered the island of Oahu in the viagra 24 hour delivery uk battle of Nu'uanu at the Pali, and afterward they made Waikiki a royal compound. In 1809 they relocated to what is now downtown Honolulu and best place levitra in 1845 it became the official Capital of Hawaii under King Kamehameha III.

It Should Have Never Been A Crime


             “Get Wise! Legalize!” A catchy little phrase stolen from a petitioners sign to legalize marijuana here in Hawaii. The debate is cheapest generic cialis now gaining momentum across the nation. Hailing from Colorado I myself have personally watched, and participated in the argument of legalizing marijuana since I was in high school.

Sustain what?

Not all things that are called sustainable today can be proven to be so. It is man-kinds’ nature to one day delivery cialis be near sighted and to not see the long term effects that they have on the earth. Whole civilizations have disappeared repeatedly throughout history and I believe it is due to a lack of awareness. In order to create things that are truly sustainable we must be willing to look further into the future and be able to understand and learn from the past.

Don't Give it Away for Free

Started in 2004 by the follow link now infamous Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook started as a small social-networking site for Harvard students. By 2005 other Universities were using Facebook and shortly after High School students were joining too and in 2006 Facebook went public. Much simpler than its predecessor Myspace, Facebook offered users the ability to socialize without the promoting of other media properties.

Death in General

     We as Americans seem to generic levitra from india have a thick skin when it comes to violence and good choice death. We only gasp if the circumstances are tragic, but even school shootings and deranged murderers are becoming the norm. Movies, tv, video games and nightly news provide us with more than enough sad, grotesque stories so that we get our fill everyday in one form or another, but when it comes to actually dealing with death, we as a nation are infantile.